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!!! NOTICE!!! to the 1,483,414
Fellow Death Valley '49ers,
Historians, Authors, Students,
Universities, Colleges,High Schools,
Middle Schools, Nonprofit Organizations,
United States Military Service Personnel,
and Local Desert Rats
Who Have Visited
This Page In The Last 4 Years!!

Our Executive Committee and Board of Directors has decided that 'YOU', are no longer their priority.

They Have Also Decided That Our 'Statement of Purpose' To;
No Longer Pertains To You, The General Membership.

They Have Come To A Unanimous Decision That They Do Not Approve Of You Reading Your Publications
Without Buying A Hard Copy From Their Website, Even Though 50% Of Your Publications Are Out Of Print
With No Known Future Dates Of Reprinting.

They Would Rather You "Not" Gain Knowledge Of Your Beautiful Valley And Its Heroic People Through The Publications Listed Here

If You Feel You Are Being Slighted By Your Board of Directors and Executive Committee, Please Send Me Your Responses.

Danny Ray Thomas
Past 1st Vice President
Life Member of the
Death Valley '49ers
Nonprofit Organization


A number of these Publications have been Redacted
To Comply With The Boards Misplaced Decision

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Here Is My Response Letter Back To Our Organization
At this time they have chosen not to respond


     To Death Valley '49ers Inc. 

     Madam President, Executive Board Members, Board of Directors, and Publications Committee. 

     I am writing you in response to a registered return receipt requested letter which was received by me on 6/20/2012. 

     Why you chose to respond in this manner instead of Calling or Emailing, (a first step in any business negotiations) is quite revealing in its statement. 

     Before proceeding further, for those who may not know, I would like to state my worth as a Death Valley '49er. 

     From 1990 to 1999 my wife & I were General Members.

     From 1999 to 2008 Members of the Board of Directors

     From 1999 to 2010 Death Valley '49er Archivist

     From 2004 to Date Death Valley '49er Life Member

     From 2004 to 2009 Member of the Publications Committee 

     My accomplishments for the organization are many fold and too numerous to mention here, but a few are;

     Redesign and maintenance of the Death Valley '49er website.

     The complete redesign of the Death Valley '49er Logo & Stationary

     Full Color design of the Death Valley '49er Keepsakes and cover consistency

     Redesign of the Death Valley '49er Newsletter into the full color Death Valley '49er Magazine

     Redesign of the Death Valley '49er Encampment Program into the larger full color format

     The set up and running of the Publications Committee as a business for profit so that under its successful banner all printings could be accomplished under one committee.

     As Chair of the Special Committee to reorganize and consolidate the Encampment Year and Membership Year into one seamless entity.

     As Chair of Membership Administration I designed and maintained a modernized database of all DV'49er members 

     These are just a few of the projects that I dedicated myself to fulfilling over the years for the Death Valley '49ers. 

     So with that in mind, don't you think a personal phone call or email would have been more apropos than handling the situation in this arrogant manner? 

     Now, down to business. 

     As you know I have a website. 

     I have run this site since 2002 and a number of Death Valley '49er publications have been on this site since its beginning. In fact, a number of my web pages were removed from my site

     and placed on the Death Valley '49ers website to help fill in the sites short comings. 

     A number of items on your website are copyrighted by me and, NO, I do not mind you using them. 

     Now, to the Keepsakes. 

     According to my records, and please check yours to make sure my information is correct or not; you do not hold copyright on the following Keepsakes:

     NO COPYRIGHT: 00, 01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, *10 original, 11, 14, 16, and 20 

     COPYRIGHT OWNED BY OTHERS: *10 reprint: Sagebrush Press,   34: Timbisha Shoshone Tribe,   36: Jean & LeRoy Johnson,   41: US Borax,   48: Danny Ray Thomas & Ken Lengner 

     The above is provided for your information and use. 

     As of 1997 under the Presidency of DeeDee Ruhlow and with the help of past president Lee Crosby, the wording of the "Statement of Purpose" of the Death Valley '49ers was changed

     to: "PROMOTE UNDERSTANDING AND APPRECIATION OF DEATH VALLEY AND ITS HISTORY", and that is all that is being done by displaying our keepsakes online. 

     Remember that you are the ones that asked me to place a link from my website to yours so that we could try and sell more keepsakes. 

     So when and why did we go from a spirit of cooperation to the situation we find ourselves in now? 

     If you really prefer another drop in sales of you product; which you have already accomplished by alienating Kenneth E. Lengner's sales and Stanley W. Paher's sales, please let me know

     in reply to this letter that that is what you as an organization which to do. 

     If this is what you so desire, I will reduce all Death Valley '49er copyrighted keepsakes to 49% of written material (all that is required by law), and explain to the online reader that they must purchase

     the material directly from the Death Valley '49ers, other online book sellers or download the items free of charge from Google Books, Scrib, or other free online sources. 

     As you may not know, on my site you cannot copy, print or download the material. All you can do is read it. Other sites let you download free of charge. 

     Thank you for your time in this matter, 

     I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

          PS:  I apologize for some of the email addresses not being up to date.

          It has been a while since I last received a DV'49ers Roster of Officers 

               Danny Ray Thomas
                    past 1st VP DV'49ers
                    Life Member DV'49ers
                    DEVA-VIP Volunteer
                    ghespp of the DV Buzzard Club
                    Historian, Author, Singer, Songwriter,
                    Poet, Orator, Back Country Tour Guide,
                    and fellow Desert Rat


from Name Withheld
We love reading the '49ers older keepsakes. We have most of the newer ones because we went to the encampments for a number of years, but we could not find the older ones.
We are too old now to RV and no longer make the encampments but our friends bring us a keepsake when they return. My wife and I think the BofD (Board of Directors)
are not looking out for their members but just want to use us for their monitary gain. Hope you can work this situation out, we've let a number of our friends know that they
can further their knolwdege of Death Valley here. On the '49ers website all you read about is the '49ers.
from Name Withheld
We've had nothing but problems with the '49ers at the last few encampments. A few of our friends told us they will never come back again. The campground rangers are more like
Hitler's Storm Troopers than being polite to fellow members. We are going to meet our friends again this year at sunset but if we are treated the way we were last year we'll just head straight
to Yuma and bypass the fiasco called encampment. We found a couple of the keepsakes we did not have at the Borax Museum but we have given up trying to find them all. This is why
we're emailng you, to let you know that those we don't have we have read here. Will the '49er board let you print and send us the ones we don't already have? We'd be happy to pay a few bucks
for your digital copies if that would be OK. Let us know...
from Name Withheld
We resigned from the Board of Directors back in 2004. My wife was an Advisor and I was a Director. We figured out real quick that the board was not really much more than a
'good ol' boy' club. If you weren't part of the clique you weren't really accepted. If you had ideas to help they always had an excuse on why they couldn't do that. So, we resigned.
We still come to encampments but stay as far away from the Boss of the Plains Hat Wearers as possible. We've collected quite a few keepsakes but we come to your site to read
those that can't be found anywhere. We did buy a few older ones on eBay. If the board decides that they want to sue you over this matter let us know and we'll start a donation fund
for you litigation expenses. We'll make out some flyers and hand them out during the encampment so all the members know what is going on.
from Name Withheld
I'm not a Death Valley 49er' member and have never been to an encampment. I live in upstate Maine and it's just to far. I enjoy their website which I found from your link, and like
reading about their history and the 1849ers. I've tried buying their keepsakes and books but as you stated in your letter to them, most of their publications are out of print. What gives?
How can someone who claims to be the keepers of the areas history and states that their goal is to 'Promote Understainding and Appreciation of Death Valley and its History' doesn't
have the publications to sell. Their publication sales webpage is a joke, most of the buttons say OUT OF PRINT. Instead of threatening to sue why don't they do what you've been doing,
and let all enjoy their pubs. Keep us in the loop, as stated above, I'd rather send you a few dollars than give it to any of the political powers that be.
from Danny Ray Thomas
I have received two emails that I will not place here.
Please try to get your point across without profanity.
It detracts from your message and reflects badly on our response to the board.

Please copy this webpage into your emails to other interested parties.
Together we may be able to change the minds of our misguided organization.

from 'Cactus' Dale Brown
Although we have never met Danny(due to my resignation as 1st VP from the DV49ers back in 1997), I know who you are based on your passed Encampment activities, as someone who isn’t satisfied to just walk around wearing a “Boss of the Plains” Stetson, but would rather put forward some sweat energy during the Encampments.  As XXXX will tell you, I resigned due to a lack of (promised) support during my upcoming presidency, and from my by-law backed authority being undermined by a few powerful, jealous, and resentful Board Members. 

As “XXXXXXXXX” and I have discussed over the years, the 49ers have year by year continued to slide down the hill of integrity, both to themselves, and to the membership they should be supporting.  In my opinion, there are a number of reasons for this slide…. 

1.     Little if any real interest in DV history, its impact on people, places, and events, and understanding the wonderful and unique role the 49er Organization represents to the public.  

2.     Little if any understanding of what their duties are, since most have never connected the dots on what the 49er mission means to them, or have bothered to read the bylaws.

3.     Lack of understanding of their role on a specific committee…. rather they just get a 5 minute, or less explanation of their duties from the person that had the job before, who also didn’t know.

4.     Due to today’s public,  “instant gratification” syndrome, many DV 49er Officers are lazy, and just want to pull-in (RV) or check-in (room), unpack the booze, and kick back, rather than roll up their sleeves and do a little work to make the Encampment a success.  This leaves only a very small group of those willing to pitch in (and as you know Danny, this group gets smaller and older every year).  The lazy ones even look at this small group with contempt and fear, since it makes them appear what they are…..lazy and uncaring.

5.     Since they are not up-to-speed on the real mission and purpose of the 49er organization, they can’t defend it, and are unwilling to educate clueless NPS personnel who themselves look at this group as rivals interfering inside “THEIR PARK”.

6.      A continual growing fear that if they don’t continue to kiss up to the NPS i.e. $$$, offer volunteer personnel, agree with everything they say, even if it undermines the very mission and goals set down in the 49er by-laws, the NPS will one day, kick them out.  The 49er Board has even gone as far as re-writing its mission, to lean closer to NPS views!  This action has been the most distasteful of all to me.   

I predict that the 49er’s will implode in the near future, with, or without NPS assistance.  You can see some of this trend by reading between the lines of both the newsletters, and the annual Encampment programs. 

Good luck Danny on this issue.  I wish I could say that I was surprised at their action.  Take care…. 

“Cactus” Dale Brown,
1st VP, DV 49er’s (resigned during Sept. 1997 Board Meeting)
Double Life Member (1973, 1996)
Chairman, DV Gold Panning Event (1987-97) 
Calico Ghost Town Character Hall of Fame, Charter Member,1978

from Danny Ray Thomas
reply to above

As you can see, 'Cactus' Dale Brown has broken the ice and allowed his name to be used on this matter.
The Board of Director's have no control over you. They relay on your membership dues to run YOUR Organization.
Somewhere along the line the board has forgotten that they work for you, not for them.
I have heard statements from older board members like;
"WE, (the board of directors) are the Death Valley '49ers, they (the members) are just general members."
“We don’t want any more people (members) coming into Death Valley… there are too many (members) already, and we can’t accommodate them now!”
from Name Withheld
Hey Danny Ray, we sure miss your wit, humor and entertainment at Stovepipe Wells. It hasn't been the same since you guys left.
Never did find out what that was all about but it doesn't matter anymore I guess since the park has shut us out completely now at SPW
and almost completely at FCR. If it wasn't for Xanterra we wouldn't have a place to put on the Encampment at all.
Members over in Sunset are under the impression the bunch in control of this shindig are lost in the wilderness.
My impression on the publications is that if we own the copyright then we should have a say in what will and what will not be allowed.
My Husband & I are members so aren't we part owners of this printed material?
Why don't you send this out to the regular membership and let them vote on it through their responses?
from Danny Ray Thomas
reply to above

I have 50% to 75% of the membership of the Death Valley '49ers in my own email list.
They've signed up for my 'DOINGS' on the home page. I would let them know that if they were
DV'49er members, they'd receive an extra 10% of their orders.
I have been holding off contacting them, waiting to see how far our Board of Directors plans on taking this matter.
But you can go ahead and contact as many fellow members as you wish, and please do.
They may wish to answer here as well as on the Death Valley '49ers own web page.
from Name Withheld
Thanks Danny. This shows one of the sad things that's happened in the DV49er organization. When you think of all the people that put their hearts and soles into making
the '49er organization the largest and most respected National Park group in the United States, and look at it today, it's Unbelievably, Horribly, Sickeningly, Sad!!!
from Danny Ray Thomas
Here's an example as to how uninformed our Board of Directors really are today.
Remember that our board is responsible for all things Death Valley and its History.
Anyway this is how the event went down.
My 4x4 Buddy and I were going to do a special 4x4 run for the board before the start of encampment.
The board members were told to meet at the kiosk at Kit Fox Hills.
Not one board member knew where this location was.
We then let them know that it was at the base of Death Valley Buttes.
Not one board member knew where this location was.
We then stated that we would meet at the kiosk at Hells Gate instead.
Once more "No" board member knew where this was.
This is how far downhill our board of directors have fallen.
If you, happen to know these locations, you have more knowledge of
Death Valley than your board of directors do.

Drop me a line of the above locations and I'll send them on to our
Board of Directors to help educate them on their lack of knowledge
on one of the most wonderful places on planet earth.
from Name Withheld
Hey Danny Ray! Don't forget 'Mud Canyon'
It goes right through Kit Fox Hills, along Death Valley Buttes and up to Hells Gate!
On the way you pass by the Paleo-Indian Geoglyphs and Rock Alignments.
Bob Montgomery's pile of telephone poles, the car body next to the old road.
And, of course the Shamans Hearth at the base of the Buttes.
How many of our Know-It-All Board of Directors have this knowledge, "NONE"
If it wasn't for the Encampment and a few bucks to scholarships and park service, they'd be a total waste of time.
They've run off all the people with spark over the last 20 years.
Scholars, Historians, Authors, and Supporting Agencies such as Cal-Trans, AAA, Highway Patrol, Sherriff's Department,
ECV, US Borax, Calico, Shoshone, Beatty, Trona, Ridgecrest, Pahrump, Panamint.
And yet the automatons setting in the front still ask if anyone of these agencies are present.
You'd think they would get the hint!

I'm an X-49er director and proud of it...
Ardis Walker, Burr Belden, Hugh Tolford and others would be
[content deleted out of respect for family members]
if they knew what this bunch was up to...

How's that for removing all the profanity!!!!
from name Withheld
Way back when, I was a member of the Death Valley '49ers Publications Committee.
One of our jobs was to make sure supporting county libraries received a copy of the keepsake & book when they were published.
We would send a copy to Bancroft, Huntington, Los Angeles, Kern, Inyo, and San Bernardino libraries.
This was standard operating procedure. A copy would also go to AAA.
You may want to let everyone know that older copies of the keepsakes are located there.
It looks like someone in this new bunch has dropped the ball on this.
I live near the San Bernardino and can tell you for a fact there "AIN'T" no newer ones there.
from Danny Ray Thomas
reply to above

I here what you're saying. We purchase extra copies during encampment and donate them to our local library.
Our library is now the proud owner of the most complete collection of Death Valley '49er
Keepsakes, Books, and assorted Publication in the world. It has more printed materials than the Death Valley '49ers themselves.
Another couple who used to live here, and also left the DV'49er board in disgust, gave their entire collection of '49er paraphernalia to this
same library and moved to Florida of all places. I guess that's as far as they could get from our board of directors and still be in the USA.
from disgruntled DV'49er Board Member
Hey, fellow '49ers;
It looks like our board of director's are still at it.
Now they are demanding that you give Danny Ray the silent treatment.
Please send this out to all the general members and let them know what their board is up to.

July 2012 Executive Board Minutes, Section 4, Item g.
 Publications: ...The copyright issue with Danny Thomas was discussed.
Phil Goodman is continuing discovery of our copyright rights before making any follow up demands.
The Publications Committee will handle. Bev Malley (President) suggested that no one react or respond to Danny Thomas.


from Danny Ray Thomas
reply to above

Thank you for the heads up!
Things like this show that the real DV'49ers, us, the general membership, are intentionally left out of the loop.
The Executive Board and Board of Director's have tried, and succeeded in keeping us in the background as to the
working's and going on's for decades, but not anymore.
We now have 83 members and interested parties receiving emails on this and other DV'49er matters.
Contact your friends and fellow DV'49er members so they'll be better informed on why the organization is going down hill so badly!


from Rock Labastida
I stumbled on your site looking for info on Walt Wheelock and kind of got stuck reading alot of things on your site....
Like you... I know that many books will never be printed again and I am glad to have stumbled on folks that have moved such things into the digital world....
Same thing for the old desert magazine which my friend scanned all his personal collection....
I was under the belief that you can have an e-library of some sort (not for profit), as the site listed here.   http://www.american-buddha.com/money.toc.htm
17 U.S.C. Section 108 37 C.F.R. 201.14 - Limitations on exclusive rights: Reproduction by libraries and archives (for research and private use)
gain, like your site!


from Danny Ray Thomas
reply to above

Thank you for the information, Rock!
As stated in the copyright laws, this "Death Valley Research Library" is provided for research and knowledge only.
No copies, downloads, printing, or use for profit is allowed and as such, adheres to the "FAIR USE" of the copyright law.
But, as stated earlier above, the Death Valley '49er Executive Committee and Board of Directors have demanded
the silent treatment from the entire board. They are not interested in 'fair use' or 'knowledge' to the general membership or those seeking research.
They are being manipulated by a past president who is under the impression that he has been wronged, and this is his way of trying to get even.

Fortunately, the 'boards' tactics have become known to many of the membership and they are spreading the word quite quickly.
A couple of 'directors' are stepping down from their chair positions and leaving because of this boards tactics.
This board has been going down hill for a number of years now. One Past President, one 1st Vice President, 6 Directors, and a few Advisors and Associates
have all resigned in the last few years over this and other matters caused by small minded people with short sighted insight into the future of the Death Valley '49er Organization.
They are decaying from the inside, caused by too many bad decisions implemented by these same small minded people.

The only true success story for the DV'49ers in the last few years is the setting up of the publications committee as a stand alone business.
This was accomplished by myself and another director who also left the organization in frustration over the Executive Committes short-sightedness.
The 'Keepsake' area of the "Death Valley Research Library" should be seen as a tool to help in the sales of the organizations publications.
But in the twisted logic of the Executive Committee, it is seen as stepping on their bailiwick.

Seeing as how the board has given me the silent treatment, and knowing that they have appointed an individual to monitor this site,
they may wish to further their understanding of copyright law by going to the site listed here.


from Ken Hemkin
Great site with an awsome collection of desert history,
A profound Thank-you for all your efforts!!!!!
Ken Hemkin, Fountain Valley, CA


from Chuck Day
We're sure glad to find your site.
A fortyniner friend told us about what is going on and how we should all get involved.
My wife, father & mother, uncle, aunt, and 2 first cousins have been coming to death valley days and buying our buttons since 2002.
After last years get together we all decided to send a letter to the board and the park on how we were treated by the rangers and the assholes in the big hats.
After writing the letter and reading it to the group around our campsite, we had everyone sign the cover sheets. We sealed up both copies and handed
one to the rangers behind the counter in the museum and we mailed the other to the fortyniners.

Here we are 10 months later and we've never heard back from either party.

Stating that we are disgruntled would be an understatement.

Over our Labor Day get together, we all decided we would never come back to death valley or the November
gathering again. Instead we'll stay a few extra days in Laughlin before heading on down to Quartsite & Yuma.

We love the desert and death valley. But the park has become a gestapo stomping ground and the fortyniners their brown nosing brownshirts.
We'll go where we can camp where we want, in any direction we want, using any kind of fire pit we want, and any type of BBQ pit we want.
We'll go where assholes in big hats don't tell us where and when we can set up our lawn chairs.
We'll go where we can go four wheeling without worrying about getting another ticket by over zealous gestapo rangers.
We'll go where our cottonwood canyon tour leader doesn't go off and leave us to those same ranger pricks.

Not only will we not be back, but our whole group of 15 will do our best to educate others in our circle to do the same.

We run our own printing service and have already sent out information about your site and all the good information that can be
found here to other 4x4 clubs and our rock hound groups.

I hope you will place this letter on your site.
We know you care, and that the park & fortyniners could care less.
Chuck Day and extended family


from Danny Ray Thomas
We now have 189 members and interested parties receiving emails on this and other DV'49er matters.
Contact your friends and fellow DV'49er members so they'll be better informed on why the organization is going down hill so badly!


from disgruntled DV'49er Board Members
Replying to Chuck Day's
"We'll go where assholes in big hats....."

My wife and I have proudly worn the Death Valley '49ers 'Boss of the Plains' Hat for 30 years.
This hat was designed by Death Valley '49er Director G. Henry Stetson just for the Death Valley '49er Board of Directors.
BUT!, You are absolutely correct. After 30 years of service for them, they could care less about who or what we have done.
We quit!!! We are resigning as directors and told them to find someone else to fill our responsibilities.
We hope they can but are not holding our breath. They have run out of directors and are installing less than half trained
Advisors to take their places. Knowledge and Wisdom is draining away at an alarming pace. How much longer they can
keep their heads above water is anybody's guess?


from Danny Ray Thomas
Have you Life Members received your Encampment Packet?
Did it show up like ours?
Our Buttons were placed in the packet with their pins facing the keepsake cover, and now the cover is ruined.
Did you also notice the piece of garbage they're pawning off as a Membership Decal.
They removed the 'Canteen, Shovel, Pick & Pan' from the decal, (which has been there since 1949) and
replaced it with a crossed shovel & pick. Looks more like a skull & crossbones. They also depopulated the artwork
and now it looks cartoonish. Ardis Walker is frowning from upon high at this bunch of renegades.

Got an email from past 1st Vice President 'Cactus' Dale Brown
He told me that his Encampment Packet didn't have the Buttons or the Membership Decal,
just the keepsake and the program.

This is more evidence of the down hill slide!

Did you notice that the keepsake is 80 pages!!!
The Executive Committee and Publications Committee set the keepsake page limit
between 24 & 36 pages in the committee's bylaws just a few years back, but it looks like this is being
completely ignored because they just keep getting bigger and bigger.

And how about the presidents biography in the back of the publication.
For years this has been the leading article in the DV'49er Spring Magazine so members would know their president.
Not in the back of the keepsake.
These extra pages along with the bloated size already, cost you the General Member somewhere around $7,000.00.
Twice as much as a normal keepsake, but hey!, it's only your money, not theirs!!!


from Danny Ray Thomas
Just received a very interesting email. It's from the group calling themselves the,
"Death Valley '49ers General Membership Coalition"
It is headed up by the bunch ticketed last year by the park service while the director of the DV'49ers ran and hid. (See Above)
They let me know that they have downloaded all of the Death Valley '49er Keepsakes from
Google, Scribd, Living Library, Library Thing, and other Torrent Sites.
Burnt them to CD's and sent them out to all the Libraries in
Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Kern, Inyo, Nye, and Clark Counties, as well as other State Universities.
You can now read the publications in any library in any of these counties.
If you're going to the Encampment the Death Valley '49ers General Membership Coalition will be handing out
Eight Hundred free C/D's of every keepsake the organization has printed to date.

I'd like to thank Chuck and his bunch for taking their disgruntled frustrations with the DEVA Park Service and our
DV'49er Board of Directors and creatively helping their fellow General Members.


from Ted Harwood
I have found a few of my ancestors in these publications.
Thanks for making them available.


from Tom Holloway
It's nice to see my mothers writings digitized and presented here for others to enjoy.
Thank You and keep up the good work!
visit my blog at http://furfortfunfacts.blogspot.com/


from Danny Ray Thomas
Well fellow DV'49ers and all you wonderful people who have visited and commented
here in the last 18 months. Yes it has been over a year  and a half since our Board of Directors,
(really it is just one disgruntled past president that pulls all the strings of the automatons sitting on the board)
pulled their power play. We have written to the Board and Presidents a number of times over this time on a number of subjects
but have never received a single comment back in return.

Not just me, but other DV'49er General Members as well have complained here that they have not been answered either.
Why is it that we can communicate so easily here but our Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Presidents
either can't find the time or are just too arrogant to reply to the General Membership.

This last year has brought a number of hard knocks to the DV'49er Organization. The board is having trouble maintaining a quorum, they've been
removed from Stovepipe Wells Village, also they have been removed from the Visitor Center and Parking Lot at Furnace Creek.
We have lost the services of 'Chaparral' as well as the 'Fiddlers Stage' area. We have been put on notice by the park service that the
Wagon Train and Horse Riders will be policed very closely from now on and that amplified music will no longer be allowed at Sunset Campground.

We are going to be charged for the use of ranger overtime during the encampment.
Membership sales were down by almost 20% last year and by almost 50% this year.
The new Single Membership is being abused by the less scrupulous members.

If you know anyone who has purchased their buttons from Sunset Campground for $5.00, please let them know that the encampment cannot run
without funds and that these individuals are severely damaging their own organization by buying bootlegged buttons.
We brought this to the attention of of the president this year but as usual we did not receive an answer back.

By the way, we have all been accused of "Interfering with Death Valley '49er Business".
YES! Death Valley '49er General Members and Life Members have been accused of interfering with their own board of directors.
As far as the board is conserned, THEY are the DV'49ers and YOU just pay them the money you owe them and stay out of THEIR business.

Sad But True!!!


from Danny Ray Thomas
2015 - The dint is being felt by your BofD's. YUP!
The encampment totals were down again this year.
(But your Quartzite totals are going up)
They've continued to run members off and those x-members have told others who've told others.
So now they're going to over charge those who have not yet given up on them.
Encampment prices are going up again. Instead of trying to retrive all their lost members,
they are just going to charge those who continue to come more money to make up for the loss.
If you ran a regular business this way you'd go bankrupt...

A number of these
Publications have been Redacted
To Comply With The Boards Misplaced Decision

Click above to continue to the 54 Volumes of knowledge on the Death Valley Area.