My wife & I head up to Oroville, CA. quite often just to get our hands dirty working on my
uncles old tractors on the Rusty Wrench Ranch, as well as to help out in the B&L Blacksmith Shop.

Fordson, 1918 & Blacksmith Shop


Farmall Cub, 1947 & Fort Kid

Every enterprise needs cash flow and profits, as we sell no tractors.  We must make ours in the B&L Blacksmith Shop.  We work by appointment only.  (Haven't made one for over 25 years).  Guess that's why we haven't got the 1918 Fordson running yet.  Donated to us to be used as a 4-H project by a great lady.  Thank you, Phyllis.

This cute to-be Farmall Cub is just the right size for Grandkids; at least they think so. You can't see them, but the hill behind this Fort is littered with bones bleaching in the sun.  All from the bad guys that tried to take this position. 


Donkeys, Bud and Farmall Cub


AC-Model C, and Ladies Room

Please let me introduce my helpers.  The big one is  Mr. Jackson.  He is the #1 donkey and the Shop Foreman.  The small one is Mr. Merlin, the #2 donkey.  He is the Master Mechanic.  No work enters or leaves this shop without their approval.

This nice clean 1948 Allis Chalmers Model - C is a favorite of our 3 #1 daughters in-law.  We work them hard here on the farm and can't afford wasted time in the Ranch bathroom, so we set up one in the field, especially for them.


AC-Model C, and our Wall of Junk


AC-Model B, 1940 

This 1948 Allis Chalmers Model - C, is a good runner, but it's looks make it right at home along with the wall display.  Some people say this is a beautiful wall of junk.  We say it is a wall of beautiful junk.

This little sweetheart, a 1940 Allis Chalmers Model - B, was donated to us by  a wonderful couple.  We went through it mechanically and it also runs as good as it looks.  It was painted by Mark's of Oroville.  You may note the rear tires are on backwards.  I'm going to correct that as soon as we get caught up at; The Blacksmith Shop.


Ford Model 8N, 1951


Case Model D, 1944 

This Ford Model 8N was our 1st restoration. We did the mechanical work.  It was also painted by Mark's of Oroville.  A neat lady sold this tractor to us very reasonably, for which we are thankful.  It runs as good as it looks.

This was our 1st tractor and is a long way from being restored.  It is pictured in front of our shop at the Rusty Wrench Ranch.  This tractor sat for about 25 years out in the open.  It took approx. 18 months just to remove the pistons.  And it now runs great. 


Ford Model 9N, 1939


Minneapolis Moline Model ZTU

This Ford Model 9N, sits in front of the Corporate Headquarters of B&L Blacksmithing.  A lot of time has been spent here discussing work.  That's about as far as it goes, just talk.  This tractor was sold to us by the same neat lady that sold us our 8N, --Thanks, Jean

Our grandson helped me take the motor out and give it a complete overhaul -- Thanks, Justin, could not have done it without you -- at 13 you were a great helper!

This 1944 Minneapolis Moline Model ZTU is a good runner and it seems the operator has dropped in for a drink at Sharon's Rusty Bucket Saloon and Lunch at Barb's RoadKill Grill.. ( Bud has the Alka-Seltzer concession.)  This tractor sat for about 15 years out in the open.  We were very lucky that the horizontal muffler was rusted out so no water got in the cylinders. 


Small Tractor - Gibson Style

Ford Model 8N, 1951

This "guess what" seems to be Homemade.  It runs good if I could just get the wife to fix the clutch.  The one under cover, belongs to our Son-in-law.  If we had a tractor that ugly, we would keep it covered too!! This tractor is a 1951 Ford Model 8N, Restored by Carl Bolt
& painted by Marks of Oroville.

Standing behind is: (Left to Right)
Bill Marks, Rob Shoemaker and Carl Bolt
by Danny Ray Thomas