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Blue Moon

D9   Eb9   D9


         D      Bm

Blue Moon.

Em                 A7            D      Bm7

You saw me standin' alone.

Em7            A7                  D      Bm

Without a dream in my heart.

Em             Em7             D   G6   D   A7

Without a love of my own.

         D      Bm

Blue Moon.

Em                      A7              D         Bm7

You know just what I was there for.

Em7                   A7         D          Bm

You heard me sayin' a prayer for.

Em               Em7              D     G6      D

Someone I really could care for.

                     G6                 A6              D

Then there suddenly appeared before me.

                 G6          A6                          D

The only one my arms would ever hold.

                      Gm       D                              F

I heard somebody whisper, "please adore me."

              E                                                         Em7      A7

When I looked, my moon had turned to gold!

         D      Bm

Blue Moon.

Em                A7         D      Bm7

Now I'm no longer alone.

Em7           A7                   D      Bm

Without a dream in my heart.

Em              Em7            D   G6   D

Without a love of my own.

(repeat CHORUS and VERSE 3 then end)