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Dad's Old Tractor 2000
written & performed by
Danny Ray Thomas

Dads tractor was new, the day he brought her home.

A very large purchase, and not on a loan.


It stood there and sparkled, in the mid morning sun,

But you could tell right away, it could get that job done.

It retired our two horses, and a whole lot of Tak,

It's been stored in the shed, gathering dust out back.


We worked that new tractor, year after year,

The colors now faded, and some dents have appeared.


I noticed the same, of my father, who had wrinkles here and there,

And a whole lot of gray, in his now thinning hair.


We retired that tractor, a number of years back,

With a bad transmission, and a cylinder cracked.


Next to the shed out back, gathering rust,

Shoulder high it sits, in overgrown brush.


Now dad passed away, early winter last year,

Having known his grandson, of only six years.


And I thought to myself, what could a father do,

To strengthen a sons remembrance, of a grandpa taken so soon.


And it was early in the fall, while clearing away brush,

Out behind the old shed, when suddenly it struck.


For staring back at me, from under the growth,

Sat a lifetime of memories, to my son I could quote.


So we pulled it clear, of the muck and the mire,

And towed it to the shop, on four flat tires.


And as we worked and wrenched, I reminisced,

About this tractor, the farm, and his grandpa sorely missed.


We decided to restore her, back to her former glory,

And while on the way, I'd retell her story.


It took much longer, than we thought it would,

And cost more, than it really should.


But what price can be put, on the memories of youth,

Or, onto family history, into which we both looked.


Well, we finished the job, yes, the work is all done,

And I have to admit, it was a whole lot of fun.


Now my son brought his friends home, right after school,

To show them his grandpa's, farm implement tool.


He told them, "My grandpa bought this tractor brand new,

And it looked just like this, the day my dad saw it too.


My grandpa taught my dad to use it, and plow a straight course,

Dad said grandpa did the same, 'cept he used a horse."


We gave that tractor a place of honor, out on the front lawn,

Now she sits there and sparkles, in the mid morning sun.


And I thank my father, for he knew,

Just what it took, to get the job done, too.