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written & performed
by Danny Ray Thomas

Have you ever seen the way,

That evening sun has set.

     Or seen those stars, sparkle,

     After such events.

          If you haven't seen these things,

          Down from heaven sent.

               Then the beauty of the desert,

               You have not discovered yet.


Have you yet to see the way,

A desert shower looms.

     Or see those flowers, sparkle,

     During spring times bloom.

          If you haven't seen these wonders,

          Sent from up above.

               Then with the deserts beauty,

               You have yet to fall in love.


So take yourself some time here,

Donít be in such a rush.

     With the beauty of the desert,

     You should try to get in touch.

          For she's harmony and rhythm,

          Her movements like a trance.

               And if you'll stop,

               And take some time to notice.

                    You too may become,

                    A member of her dance.