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The Color of a Cowboy's Hat©
written by Danny Ray Thomas

E - C#m - A - B7 - E

I was E listenin' to him talk,
About C#m cowboy hats today.
When the A fellow proceeded to convey,
Just F#m7 what the colors B7 say.
A E White Hat signified a man,
Who was G#m upright steady and true.
Where as a A Black Hat represented,
A B7 lowdown cantankerous E fool. E7

Well, I A pondered those words of prairie wisdom.
And it E dawned on me for long.
That F#m capping the top of my B7 hairless brow,
Sat a A hat of Earthin' G#7 brown.
"Hey, what A about my cowboy hat," I said,
While E smilin' just a little proud.
Ya' know he F#m looked me up and B7 down a moment,
Then he A said to me a-E-loud.

"When your E full of it up to your eyebrows,
And it's C#m got no where to go.
Ya' gotta' A put a lid on top,
So it F#m7 don't spill on the B7 floor.
Well I E didn't think to much of that,
But I G#m didn't start a roué.
In-A-stead I put some ink on paper,
And I B7 set it all to E prose.

And It goes like this here.

It's not the E color of the hat,
That C#m sets a cowboys creed.
But the A color of his heart,
And the F#m7 merit of his B7 deeds.
If he E walks a narrow path,
And he G#m keeps his hat on straight.
The A color that he wears won't matter,
To B7 anyone he E meets.

So, don't A judge the man to harshly,
No, don't E judge that man at all.
For the F#m color of a B7 cowboys hat,
Don't A mean a thing at G#7 all.
Just A look into his eyes,
And re-E-member what you saw.
For the F#m color of a B7 cowboys hat,
Don't A mean a thing at E all.

It E shades him in the Summer,
Keeps C#m rain off in the Fall.
A makes every cowboy,
Seem 'bout six foot B7 tall.
Doesn't E matter where he cum' from,
It don't G#m matter where he goes.
If he A follows that straight and narrow path,
It's not the B7 hat that made it E so. E7

The F#m color of a B7 cowboys hat,
Don't A mean a thing at E all. A E