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The Shiftin' Whisperin' Sands (part 1)
written by V.C. Gilbert & Mary Hadler in 1950
performed by Danny Ray Thomas

Verse 1
I discovered the valley of the Shiftin' Whisperin' Sands,

While prospectin' for gold in our western states.
I saw silent wind mills, crumblin' water tanks.
Bones of cattle & burro picked clean by buzzards,
And bleached by the desert sun.

Verse 2
I stumbled over a crumblin' buckboard,

Nearly covered by the sands.
And stoppin' to rest, I heard a tinklin', whisperin' sound.
And suddenly realized, even though the wind was quite,
The sand did not lie still.

Verse 3
I seemed surrounded by a mystery,

So heavy and oppressive I could scarcely breath.
For days & weeks I wondered aimlessly in this valley.
Seeking answers to the many questions,
That raced through my fevered mind.

Verse 4
Where was everyone,
Gm why the white bones, and dry wells?
In this barren valley where C people
must have lived and
A died. A7

Verse 5
But finally I could go no farther,

My food & water was all gone.
I sat down & buried my face in my hands.
And resting thus I learned the secret,
To those Shiftin' Whisperin' Sands.

Verse 6
How I managed to escape this valley,

Truly I cannot say.
But to pay my final debt for bein' spared.
I must tell you what I learned,
While out there in that desert so very far away.

Verse 7
When that Dm desert's oddly quite,
Gm breeze seems not to blow.
One would Bb think the sand was C restin',
but you'll
A find it is not A7 so.
It's Dm whisperin', softly whisperin',
as it
Gm slowly moves along.
And Bb those who'll stop and C listen,
A hear her mournful A7 song.

Verse 8
Of Dm Sidewinders and the Horn Toad,
Gm thorny Chaparral.
In those Bb sunny days and C moonlit nights,
A Coyote's lonely A7 yell.
How the Dm stars, seems you can touch them,
as you
Gm lay and gaze on high.
At those Bb heavens where we're C hopin',
we'll be
A goin' when we A7 die.
At those Bb heavens where we're A hopin',
we'll be
A7 goin' when we die.